11.2.2 iOS update slow iPhone 6 twice

Last update 11.2.2 iOS released by Apple processor and closing of the vulnerability of Meltdown and the Spectre, as it turned out, slows down some iPhone. For example, the iPhone 6 lost in productivity to 50%.

The results of benchmark shared in his blog Melvin Mughal (Mughal Melvin, also known under the name Melv1n, co-founder of several startups, including company Moop absorbed Uber in 2014.

Melv1n conducted tests on the iPhone 6 installed update iOS 12.2.2. He said that on Tristrama the iOS device works in Dutch, if you are on IOS was not made, and it wasn’t replacement batteries, it is not the reduced model, and not some kind of exotic configuration.

The performance of a number of indicators fell even more than 50%. However, he stressed that the security update is “a necessary evil”, despite the slowdown of the smartphone.