Nokia stopped developing cameras OZO for 45 thousand dollars

Nokia Technologies refused to continue developing new versions of professional cameras virtual reality OZO and closes the unit involved in it.

The waiver applies to both software and hardware OZO. The company plans to shift the focus from the direction of virtual reality on development, health, and technology licensing.

As a result, Nokia Technologies will be reduced to 310 workers in Finland, USA and the UK, whereas the whole state now has about 1,090.

Recall, Nokia has announced Ozo in 2015 and released in 2016 at a price of 60 thousand dollars later the price was reduced to 45 thousand. Nokia Ozo is a sphere with cameras in all directions. The device received eight synchronized 2K x 2K cameras for a full 360-degree coverage and integrated eight microphones. Used solid state drive capacity of 500 GB, which can hold 45 minutes of recording time. Chamber dimensions are 264 x 170 x 160 mm.