Russian post remotely start selling smartphones and other gadgets Samsung

Russian post began remote trading gadgets Samsung. This was reported by the press service of the company. Mail of Russia issued a fall catalog “Postmarket”, which in addition to the traditional categories of goods for the first time presented different modifications of smartphones, tablets and smart watches Samsung.

It is noted that the distance selling gadgets on the marketplace “Postmarket” made at prices recommended by the manufacturer, all the device is a guarantee of quality.

The new catalog also presents for the first time photo and video camera Rekam, video recorders, Russian equipment for receiving digital television signal, the updated range of home appliances and electronics.

Just on the website presents more than 100 thousand items in the printed catalogue “Postmarket”, which is available in all 42 thousands of post offices – about 100 items, and for regular customers in mailboxes are delivered to special directories, including about 200 products.